U2’s Mind-Blowing Surprise Concert in Vegas! You Won’t Believe What Happened!

U2's Mind-Blowing Surprise Concert in Vegas

U2 surprised their Las Vegas fans with an unexpected pop-up concert on Sunday, just ahead of their 29 scheduled performances at the MSG Sphere later this month.

Located outside the Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas, the legendary rock group premiered their original song “Atomic City,” dedicated to the vibrant city. The song features lyrics like “I’m free. I came here for the fight. I’m front row in Las Vegas. And there’s a big one on tonight.”

During the surprise show, the band also delighted their audience with a rendition of their classic hit “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” from their iconic 1987 album “The Joshua Tree.” Interestingly, they revealed that the music video for this very song was filmed on the streets of Las Vegas more than 36 years ago.

U2 took the opportunity to promote their upcoming U2 UV: Achtung Baby residency at the MSG Sphere during the performance. Bono, the lead singer, responded to a fan’s comment about the venue’s impressive graphics, saying, “Yeah, it’s next-level on the inside, too.” Additionally, the band premiered their latest music video using a semi-truck that traveled around the area.

Notably, both the live performance and music video featured the entire original U2 lineup. However, it’s important to mention that drummer Larry Mullen Jr. won’t be part of the Sphere shows due to various physical ailments, with Krezip drummer Bram van den Berg filling in.

The highly anticipated MSG Sphere is set to open to the public on September 29th, with a series of 25 concerts starring U2. Titled “U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere,” this residency will run until mid-December and celebrate the band’s iconic 1991 album “Achtung Baby.”

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Bono shared his enthusiasm for the Sphere, highlighting its unique immersive capabilities. “Most music venues are sports venues. They’re built for sports – they’re not built for music. They’re not built for art,” he noted. Guitarist The Edge echoed his sentiment, describing the Sphere as “light years ahead of everything that’s out there.”

The MSG Sphere, located just one block east of the Las Vegas Strip, is an architectural marvel, standing at 366 feet tall and stretching 516 feet wide. It boasts the world’s largest LED lighting system, featuring a remarkable 1.2 million lights, each the size of hockey pucks. The venue can comfortably seat nearly 18,000 attendees, and a pedestrian walkway will connect it to the Venetian resort complex for easy access from the bustling Strip.

In addition to U2’s residency, the MSG Sphere has a diverse lineup of events planned. On October 6th, it will premiere “Postcard From Earth,” a 360-degree experience directed by renowned filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. This immersive show will mark the first of many Sphere Experiences, offering visitors awe-inspiring encounters in this cutting-edge entertainment venue.

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